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I bought a computer part from this seller on Ebay robert52752 Here is a link to his ebay store

The item was not sent in a timely manner... though he was able to get his money quick enough. It took 3 emails before he responded and then he threatened me with physical harm and cursed at me. I would NEVER deal with this individual again.

His Ebay rating is high because when I said I would make sure to review him on Ebay he threatened to sue! If you read any of the negative complaints you will notice he always comments the buyer was in the wrong and crazy.

This guy is toxic. Avoid transactions with him as there as so many other really great vendors out there. I say we should all vote with our money.

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NEC Power Systems is a terrible Ebay store.Their return policy makes it nearly impossible to get any compensation if they sell you a bad item and the owner is an abusive *** who will threaten to sue you at the drop of a hat.

If you ask for a refund he will accuse you of blackmail and extortion.Stay FAR FAR AWAY from this seller.

Sincere Seller
Klingenberg, Sachsen, Germany #27029

Yes, I viewed his auction.He is a power seller, therefore Ebay protects him in every way.

Ebay owns most of their power seller companies anyway. Ebay is a total scam! They do everything in their power to rid themselves of smaller sellers. They make false accusations against smaller sellers and delete them from their site, they steal money, create fictitious bidders that don’t pay, they do everything in their power to get rid of the average Joe out there selling on eBay.

They don’t want the competition for their so called “power sellers”. Most power sellers are dishonest and it is a no win situation. Paypal is Ebay’s affiliate company and they work together protecting their well developed huge Internet scam. Most power sellers are actually eBay companies and warehouses and Ebay doesn’t want competition from other sellers.

They act as if they would like new sellers, yet they abuse every one of them. They really should just call themselves Power Sellers USA and dump the bogus eBay name. They are no longer a reputable auction site. They are more like Wal-Mart on the Internet, however, they are not regulated and they are highly unethical in every way.

I really hope to see other auction sites rise above eBay and become the industry leader for online auctions.

Ebay has turned themselves into a scam and they are NOT to be trusted at all.Their power sellers rip everyone off…didn’t you know that?

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